School of Engineering and Information Technology

High Speed Flows and Microfluidics

SEIT Academics

    A/Prof Sudhir Gai
    A/Prof Harald Kleine
    Dr Jong-Leng Liow
    Dr Neil Mudford
    A/Prof Andrew Neely
    Dr Sean O'Byrne
    Dr Krishna Shankar
    A/Prof John Young

Postgraduate Students

    Mr Md Ashraf Ali
    Mr Stefan Brieschenk
    Mr Rishabh Choudhury
    Mr Arnab Dasgupta
    Ms Priyanka Dhopade
    Mr Zhipeng Gu
    Mr Varun Prakash
    Dr Deepak Narayan Ramanath
    Mr Shah Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
    Mr Vikram Sridhar
    Mr Zhaolong Wang
    Mr Sven Marc Wittig
    Mr Guofeng Zhu

Research Associates

    Dr Joseph J. Kurtz
    Mr Mark Aizengendler
    Dr Carlos G. Rodriguez

In 2011, research continued in the areas of very high-speed flows at supersonic and hypersonic Mach numbers and for very small-scale, low-speed flows for microfluidic applications. The research of high-speed flows has relevance to the development of vehicles for high-speed flight and planetary exploration both in terms of the external aerodynamics and heat transfer associated with atmospheric flight at these speeds as well as the development of propulsion systems such as scramjets to power these vehicles. Quite separately, the investigation of microfluidics is concerned with the scaling of fluid flows to very small geometries and their application to small chemical processing systems often for biomedical needs. The research performed in both areas ranged from fundamental studies to improve our understanding of the underlying physics governing these flows to more application-based studies. These investigations incorporated a wide range of experimental, numerical and analytical techniques.