School of Engineering and Information Technology

Research Grants in 2009

Khennane, A. Design, manufacture and testing of a hybrid beam using a pultruded profile and high strength concrete. 2009 UNSW@ADFA SRG, AUD9,700.

Neely, A., Zhang,Y.X. Tahtali, M., Lueck, C., Understanding a Cause of Partial Blindness: Mechanical Modelling of Chiasmal Compression; Research Training Scholarship, UNSW@ADFA, 2009.

Morozov, E.V. and Shankar, K. Innovative design of composite flexible multi-layered bullet-resistant ballistic panel for body armour. 2009 UNSW@ADFA Defence-Related Research Funding Scheme. AUD16,000.

Zhang, Y.X. Multiscale numerical modelling of fiber-reinforced composite laminates, UNSW-Early Career Researcher Scheme, UNSW, 2009, AUD22,496.

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Other research projects for Composite Materials and Structures during 2010:

 Design and Modelling of Composite Offshore Risers
 Mechanical Characterization of Corrugated Wire Mesh Laminates
 Development of a Composite Beam for Infrastructure Applications
 Multiscale Finite Element Modelling of Failure Process of Composite Laminates
 Investigation of Damage Growth in Single Lap Joints of Composite Laminates
 Development of a New Simple Shear-flexible Composite Beam Element
 Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Steel/FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams
 Fundamental Frequency of Fully Clamped Composite Sandwich Plate
 Buckling of the CCFF Orthotropic Rectangular Plates under In-plane Pure Bending
 Numerical Simulation of the Aerothermostructural Response of a Composite Solid Rocket Nozzle during Motor Ignition
 References to Related Publications in 2009