Most recent release 2009-September-23

Qs is a portable typesetting system, written in PostScript. It enables documents to be prepared on any type of hardware, using visible layout marks to control the appearance of the output, and produce output on a PostScript printer by despatching Qs and the document file to the device. No processing is performed by the host hardware; all processing is done within the printer.

The advantage that Quikscript provides, other than portability, is precision of control over output. Because it is written in PostScript, it is interpreted at run-time within the printer. Text can be placed anywhere, precisely, on the page; inter-line spacing can be controlled. It is possible to create documents that modify the Quikscript program during execution. It is very easy to include other PostScript programs or fragments with Quikscript. It is possible to use special PostScript fonts, such as hand-generated ones. Graphics generated from a variety of sources can be easily included, as can text output from computer programs.

Quikscript is small enough to be embedded within an output document. It has been used for setting the text of classified advertisements. It is particularly useful for formatting output from a database, and has been used in a billing system.

For people without a PostScript printer, an interpreter such as ghostscript can be used to process a Quikscript document for printing.

Quikscript is freely available packaged using TAR or using ZIP.

Packaged using tar/gzipPackaged using Zip
Quikscript.tar.gz (371K) Quikscript.zip (387K)

The individual files are also available separately.

More detail on the recent releases of Quikscript and the associated files, and the conditions of use, are available. The problem that caused this release is detailed separately.

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