Lesson 6

17 Nov 2008

Himanshu R Pota - himanshu.pota@gmail.com

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Material Covered

  1. Revised the 25 consonants.
  2. Revised the semi-vowels, sibilants, and aspirant.
  3. Further work on the basic vocabulary list.
  4. Introduced body parts.
  5. Introduced numbers.
  6. Introduced colours.
  7. A brief introduction to the pronouns.
  8. चाहना-(to like), लगना-(to attach), देना-(to give), लेना-(to take), सुनना-(to listen)
  9. देखना-(to see), सुनना-(to listen), सूंघना-(to smell), चखना-(to taste), छूना-(to touch).
  10. Revised verbs by looking at patterns with different cases.

Home Work

  1. Replace the above mnemonics for verbs with से-(from) and पर-(on) phrases.
  2. Write most commonly used ten sentences which you would like translated in Hindi.
  3. Indentify five most common verbs other than the ones covered so far.
If you have difficulty with Devanagari script a Roman Script version of this document is also available.
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