Lesson 6

17 Nov 2008

Himanshu R Pota - himanshu.pota@gmail.com

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Material Covered

  1. Revised the 25 consonants.
  2. Revised the semi-vowels, sibilants, and aspirant.
  3. Further work on the basic vocabulary list.
  4. Introduced body parts.
  5. Introduced numbers.
  6. Introduced colours.
  7. A brief introduction to the pronouns.
  8. cāhanā-(to like), laganā-(to attach), denā-(to give), lenā-(to take), sunanā-(to listen)
  9. dekhanā-(to see), sunanā-(to listen), sūṃghanā-(to smell), cakhanā-(to taste), chūnā-(to touch).
  10. Revised verbs by looking at patterns with different cases.

Home Work

  1. Replace the above mnemonics for verbs with se-(from) and para-(on) phrases.
  2. Write most commonly used ten sentences which you would like translated in Hindi.
  3. Indentify five most common verbs other than the ones covered so far.
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