The use of ``To be'' - होना

23 December 2008

Himanshu R Pota -

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To be (होना) is another powerhouse of every language - to do (करना) being another one. To translate from English to Hindi you can use the English verb and tag on to do at the end and make a Hindi sentence. For example, I cook - मैं cook करता हूँ| Similarly, ``to be'' can be used to translate things and actions which are not done but which ``happen''.
  1. Touch pains me. Touch से pain होता है|
  2. Loud noise gives me a headache. Loud noise से मुझे/मेरेको headache होता है|
  3. There is crowd on Sundays. Sundays को crowd होता है|
  4. There is a traffic jam during peak hours. Peak hours में traffic jam होता है|
  5. I get happiness on meeing you. आपसे मिलकर happiness होती है|
  6. There is a crowd here on Mondays. Mondays को यहाँ crowd होता है|
  7. It rains in July. July में rain होती है|
  8. There is fighting in the bus. Bus में fighting होती है|
  9. Train gets delayed in rain. Rain में train delay होती है|
  10. There is a competition. Competition है|
  11. There is a competition every year. Competition every year होता है|
  12. There is play here every evening. यहाँ हर शाम को खेल होता है|
  13. Heat troubles me. Heat से trouble होती है|
  14. In the mornings it is cold. Morning में ठण्ड होती है|


होना-(to be) is also used to indicate possibility of certain events which are not certain but in doubt.
  1. He may be going to school. वह school को जाता/जा रहा होगा|
  2. She may be coming from work. वह work से आती/आ रही होगी|
  3. Ram may be sleeping now. राम सोता/सो रहा होगा|
  4. Sita may be eating. सीता खाता/खा रही होगी|
  5. He might have gone to school. वह school को गया होगा|
  6. She might have come from work. वह work से आई होगी|
  7. Ram might have sleept now. राम सो गया होगा|
  8. Sita might have eaten. सीता ने खाया होगा|
  9. He may be going tomorrow. कल वह जा रहा होगा|
  10. She may be eating next week. अगले week वह खा रहा होगा|


  1. I have to go to office every day. मुझे/मेरेको हर दिन office जाना होता है|
  2. He has to clean every day. उसको हर दिन साफ करना होता है|
  3. She has to phone her mother every day. उसको अपनी माँ को हर दिन phone करना होता है|
  4. Students have to study whole day. Students को दिनभर पढ़ना होता है|

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