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अपूर्वः कोऽपि कोशोऽयं विद्यते तव भारति।
व्ययतो वृद्धिमायाति क्षयमायाति सञ्चयात्॥

apūrvaḥ ko’pi kośo’yaṁ vidyate tava bhārati|
vyayato vṛddhimāyāti kṣayamāyāti sañcayāt||

Your treasure is incomparable, O Bhārati (Devī Sarasvatī)!
Spending it grows, saving it depletes!

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Here is some reference material to learn Hindi.

It was just by chance that I was led to teach Hindi in Oct-Nov 2007 at the CIT in Canberra to eight very keen Hindi learners. These notes have been prepared to assist them in learning Hindi with the help of a teacher. It is hard to learn Hindi completely on your own using this material. It will help you if you have learned Hindi previously and want to continue to learn or you have a Hindi speaking friend or relative who can put this material in context. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you think I can assist you to learn Hindi.

Formally I learnt Hindi only till Year 8 but I had the extraordinary privilege of having the best Hindi literature at home. My mother is a PhD and a D.Litt. in Hindi, she has authored several books, and guided perhaps a dozen PhD students. For her professional work she kept a wonderful library at home. In the long summer breaks I used to read and read those books. When I got an opportunity I read English literature too and based on that I can honestly say that the best of Hindi literature will not compare too unfavourably with the best of English literature.

Premchand, Mahadevi, Bhagvaticharana Verma, Yashpal, Prasad, Dinkar, Nirala, (and many many more) are the absolute masters of their trade. I have enjoyed Premchand's Mansarovar just as much as I have enjoyed Charles Dickens' David Copperfield. I have dipped into them again and again when I have needed a connection with a universe created by fiction but more real than the material reality. Every dip has been invigorating for me.

The users of the material on this site should realise that it is not born out of formal learning but only to share the joy I have experienced with Premchand, Yashpal, Bhagvaticharana Verma, Mahadevi, Nirala, and other master craftsmen of the Hindi literature.

The use of maatraas is problematic in Hindi. Once I asked my mother if it bothers her too. She said that she has never in her life made a mistake with maatraa! She might have passed many of her traits to me but certainly not an unfailing accuracy in the use of Hindi maatraa. So please do point out all the mistakes you see in these pages, and also send suggestions to improve and add to the material here.

My primary interest is in learning Sanskrit. You are welcome to browse some Sanskrit learning material and read a Sanskrit blog. I would be happy to help you with Hindi but love to work with you in learning Sanskrit.

The method I have tried to follow here is adapted from the comprehensive development and application of this method by Sanskrit Karyalaya, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, Pondicherry, India. The beginning of this adventure was due to Dr V. Chunilal, who presented to me, in Auckland in 1988, two extraordinary books - Sarala Sanskrit Sarani - Part I & II - published by Sanskrit Karyalaya, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama. The work of the Sanskrit Karyalaya is a work of art. To get a better idea of the method, please do read their publications.

Thanks for your time and interest.


Hindi Learning Material

All the html and txt files are zipped in one file for your convenience.

Please download Sanskrit 2003 font to view them as I view them.

A link is provided to the raw txt file (in case you want to copy it and add things to it for your own use), Devanagari output, and Roman output. I would highly recommend to start reading Hindi using Devanagari script but if you have to read Hindi using Roman script, the option is there.

  1. Devanagari Script - Learn it for sustained progress
  2. Learn Hindi in One Hour - A quick introduction txt | Devanagari | Roman
  3. Hindi for Travellers - Essentials txt | Devanagari | Roman
  4. Translated Sentences for the CIT class during Feb - May 2009 txt | Devanagari | Roman
  5. Yes this is Hindi - Start translating into Hindi now txt | Devanagari | Roman
  6. Cases or Post Positions in Hindi - Easy to learn and essential to progress txt | Devanagari | Roman
  7. Verbs -
  8. Pronouns - An exhaustive coverage txt | Devanagari | Roman
  9. Nouns - Case Declensions, Gender, and Number txt | Devanagari | Roman
  10. Vocabulary Lists
  11. Hindi Sentence Factory - Template based exercises to make Hindi Sentences with a verb list txt | Devanagari | Roman
  12. Basic Sentences txt | Devanagari | Roman
  13. Questions txt | Devanagari | Roman
  14. "To Have" Sentences txt | Devanagari | Roman
  15. "To Be" Sentences txt | Devanagari | Roman
  16. Participles in Hindi txt | Devanagari | Roman
  17. Sentence templates with adjectives, nouns, and verbs txt | Devanagari
  18. A shopping dialogue txt | Devanagari | Roman
  19. Simple sentences txt | Devanagari | Roman
  20. Translation of Sentences txt | Devanagari | Roman
  21. Jokes, Sher, and Gazhals in Hindi txt | Devanagari | Roman
  22. Songs - mainly from Hindi movies txt | Devanagari | Roman
  23. A Hindi Play txt | Devanagari | Roman
  24. All Sentences - A collection of all sentences on this site
  25. Seven Exercises & One Test - txt | Devanagari | Roman
  26. Exercise - Nouns Masculine - txt | Devanagari | Roman
  27. Exercise - Parts of Speech, cases, gender & Number - Khilaunaa txt | Devanagari | Roman
  28. Lessons - Lesson 1 | Lesson 2 | Lesson 3 | Lesson 4 | Lesson 5 | Lesson 6 | Lesson 7 | Lesson 8 | Lesson 9 | Lesson 10 | Lesson 11 | Lesson 12 | Lesson 13 | Lesson17March2009 | Lesson24March2009 | Lesson7April2009 | All Lessons
  29. Common verbs with paradigms for- to stay, to be able to, to want to, imperative & perfect tense txt | Devanagari | Roman
  30. CIT Course May-June 2009 - Devanagari Script | Simple Patterns | Learn Hindi in One Hour | Hindi For Travellers | Hindi Cases or Post Positions | Hindi Translation | Hindi Tenses & Moods | Common Verbs with Paradigms & Perfect Tense | Names | Ablative & Genitive Case Examples | Pronouns | Nouns - case, gender & plurals | Hindi Sentence Factory | Body Parts | Numbers | Colours | Adverbs, Prepositions, & Conjugations | All Notes for Introductory Course
  31. The mechanics and acknowledgements - The software used to create material for this site
It would be very handy to have Sanskrit2003 font (and your browser set to use that as the default font for Devanagari), and a program like Itranslator2003, Aksharamala orMudgala-IME to input Devanagari script in your computer. I have prepared some helpful notes on how to install Devanagari fonts and these programs, please have a look. In all it shouldn't take more than an hour to set yourself up; you will be amply rewarded for an hour's labour.


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Friday, June 8, 2012 12:08 PM
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Useful Internet Resources

Hindi wiki dictionary (including links to dictionaries, word lists, and all Hindi articles) Extraordinary Resource.
Hindi Grammar Book
- (Free download) Almost complete Hindi Grammar
Hindi Dictionary - Online Hindi Dictionary with more than 75000 words
Digital Dictionaries of South Asian Languages - A University of Chicago project
Hindi Books - Free download (look for links at the bottom of the leftmost column)
Hindi Poem Site - A great site for simple poems and also a huge collection of all types of poems.
http://taj.chass.ncsu.edu/index.html    (UTF-16)  
http://taj.chass.ncsu.edu/lessons.html (23 Graded Hindi Lessons wonderful Video)
Hindi Language Studies at the ANU, Canberra, Australia
http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/mideast/hindi/Wikipedia Hindi Resources Page
- Translation English to Hindi
http://www.iiit.net/ltrc/Dictionaries/Dict_Frame.html  - International Institute of Information Technology Dictionary Page
http://www.shabdkosh.com/shabdanjali_stardict - shabdanjali dictionary in StarDict format
http://www.avashy.com/hindiscripttutor.htm - Script Tutor teaching to write and sound Devanagari characters
http://www.learnsanskrit.org/sounds - A wonderful resource for the pronunciations
http://faculty.maxwell.syr.edu/jishnu/520/HindiIdioms.htm - A list of Idioms
http://faculty.maxwell.syr.edu/jishnu/hindi.asp - Syracuse University Site with vocabulary and idioms, etc.
http://emagazine.digitaltoday.in/IndiaTodayHindi/ - India Today (Hindi)
http://accha.sourceforge.net/ - A tool to learn Devanagari (can be download) 
http://www.garretwilson.com/education/languages/hindi/devanagari/index.html - A good introduction to Devanagari Script
http://tinyurl.com/6ddg7h- Colloquial Hindi - The Complete Course for Beginners by Tej K. Bhatia (A text book)
Pictures of many Hindi signs, etc., in India - A Flicker page created by Dozafar - Dr Richard Barz


Creating and Viewing Documents in Devanagari

If you cannot see "aao hindii siikhem" in Devanagari at the top then either a Unicode font with Devanagari support doesn't exist on your computer or you haven't set the browser to use an appropriate font. To view and create documents in Devanagari and other Indian Scripts is fairly straightforward. Please have a look at my notes on how to view and create documents in Indian Scripts.