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संस्कृतं शिक्षामहै।

To see Devanagari characters choose: View -> Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)

Creating and Viewing Documents in Devanagari

If you cannot see "sanskritam shikshaamahai" in Devanagari at the top then either a Unicode font with Devanagari support doesn't exist on your computer or you haven't set the browser to use an appropriate font. To view and create documents in Devanagari and other Indian Scripts is fairly straightforward. Please have a look at my notes on how to view and create documents in Indian Scripts.

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Please be warned that there might be a lot of grammatical mistakes in the documents on this site. The documents are for me to learn Sanskrit and hopefully share with other learners (and teachers) so that they can correct me. They are not meant as a teaching tool. To learn about teaching tools please see the links below.

Simple Sentences

Complete monthwise Link to simple sentences I make to learn Sanskrit.

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txt | html | rtf - All sentences up to 14 Oct 2006

My English to Sanskrit Glossary
My Sanskrit to English Glossary
itx | html | pdf - Dictionary of Technical Terms (Compiled by Shri Ramchandra Rao)



Please see the list of the dhaatus and their lakaar form on this site to browse or copy.
Please have a look at the excellent dhaturatnakar software from Rastirya Sanskrit Sansthan.
html | txt List of roots in Dhaturatnakar (To create this list dhaaturatnaakarIndex.pl is used)
html | txt - Dhaatus listed in Saral Sanskrit Sarani - Parts I and II, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, Pondicherry.
html | txt - Future tense forms listed in Saral Sanskrit Sarani - Parts I and II, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, Pondicherry.
html | txt - tumun-pratyaya forms (infinitive verb forms) listed in Saral Sanskrit Sarani.
html | txt - tvaa-pratyaya forms (infinitive verb forms) listed in Saral Sanskrit Sarani.
html | txt - kta-pratyaya list from Saral Sanskrit Sarani - Parts I and II, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, Pondicherry.
html | txt - karmaNi-prayoge (Passive form of dhatus) from Saral Sanskrit Sarani - Parts II, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, Pondicherry.
html | txt - nijant-forms (causative form) list from Saral Sanskrit Sarani - Parts I and II, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, Pondicherry.


Lists from Saral Sanskrit Sarani - Parts I and II, Sri Aurobindo Ashrama, Pondicherry.



Please see the list of the noun forms and their vibhakti forms on this site to browse or copy.





There are many options but if you have use a PC, download and install Louis Bonte's Windows interface to Monier-Williams Dictionary.

Download it from its home at the Sanskrit Dictionary Page. It is extremely easy to install and is an extraordinary help in learning Sanskrit.

The entire setup consists of Louis Bonte's interface program (mwsdd_v15beta.zip), MW dictionary database (dict.zip), and font files (fonts.zip). The directions for installing, which are no more than unzipping and keeping all the files in one folder, are given in Readme.txt in mwsdd_v15beta.zip.

It is important to obtain a good Sanskrit-English dictionary. There are a few good ones (in print) and get any you can get.

You have a few options to choose from for a good online dictionary.

There is another fully html based dictionary which you can use online or download on your own computer. This dictionary has been put together by Prof Richard Mahoney, and it's totally in Roman Script.

Online Apte's Dictionary
Online Monier-Williams Dictionary (local copy)
Online - Macdonell, Arthur Anthony. A practical Sanskrit dictionary. London: Oxford University Press, 1929
Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit Online Dictionaries
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia - University of Chicago
Dictionary Page at the Sanskrit Documents Site
English to Hindi Dictionary at Aksharamala

The entire Monier-Williams dictionary is available in a standard format used by all the dictionaries in different languages. The format is uniform so that one program can work for all the dictionaries. There are interactive programs which look up dictionaries online but even with India as the great IT power we don't have even one simple port of the perl script or another program which can simply read the available text files and display word meanings.

It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours of time of a professional programmer to take a perl script such as this and turn it into a useful stand-alone program. The script as it is, is programmed to read online databases and the only thing that needs to be done is to get it to look at a database on the computer itself in Devanagari script! Where is the great Indian IT power?



sanskrit99, Sanskrit 2003, chandas, paitub, paitubi, paitui, paitur, uttara, Code2000



Vetal Stories 0 to 25 वेतालपञ्चविंशति



Itranlator Manual
Unicode for Sanskrit Manual



Sankrit documents, tools, learning (The master site for all things Sanskrit.)
AIR Sanskrit News (text version in pdf format)
Sri Aurobindo Ashrama Learning Sanskrit website
Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Simple lessons on VCDs and Dhaturatnakar
Gerard Huet's Sanskrit Site
Digital Library of India
Sanskrit Quote of the Day - From Maharshi Mahesh Yogi University and provides links to great Sanskrit resources.
First Sanskrit Only Website - karmaadhikaara by Shri Viresh Kaashyapa
Sandhi Program - A very friendly sandhi program which gives the relevant rules from Panini's Grammar written by Chetan Pandey.
Sanskrit Bhaarati
Paramaarta Tattvam (Each issue has an Introduction to Sanskrit section.)
Itrans Package for processing Indian Scripts
Sanskrit blogs Sanskrit Study - Links and Information
Ganakashtadhyaayi - Panini's Ashtadhyayi on Computer
SanskritaPradipika1- A lamp to learning Sanskrit
View and Create Indian Script Documents
IIT, Madras Multilingual Software
Technology Development for Indian Languages
Karthik Raman (a) Blogspot (b) wordpress. Also Sanskrit Sangha, IISc, Bangalore.
Ancient Sanskrit Online - Univ of Texas
A Sanskrit Language resources site
Sanskrit Step-by-step - Chitrapur Math
Shri Veda Bharati - Sanskrit lessons too.
Gaudiya Grantha Mandir - A library of Sanskrit and Gaudiya texts
Script Converter (from say, Harvard-Kyoto to Itrans)
Sanskrit Web - Electronic copies Vedas, Ramayam, etc.
Advait.org.uk Sanskrit Page
The Indian Script converter
Learn Sanskrit - Sri Sathya Sai Veda Pratishthaan - has scanned images of several books available online one page at a time.
Samskrutam - Learn Sanskrit site from Bhubaneswar, India.
Gita supersite of IIT, Kanpur
Language Technologies Research Centre - IIIT Hyderabad
Sanskrit News (Twice Daily) - All India Radio (downloadable mp3) txt (from AIR) | txt (Karmadhikara site - click on vaartaaH)
Sanskrit Blog - Shashtri Nityagopal Katare - They also have a weekly online class (Note: 20 June 2006)
Speak Sanskrit - An attempt at a comprehensive Speak Sanskrit website by students in the US - Their Sanskrit magazine Vishvavani
Speak Sanskrit Dictionary - Online English-Sanskrit and Sanskrit-English Dictionary
Google Sanskrit News - Direct feeds from various Sanskrit related sites
Vedic Samhitas - MP3 audio, Devanagari text, and English Translation - Site maintained by Shri Nandan Menon
Kalidas Blog - Samskritam blog by a beginning sanskrit (samskrit) student.
Sanskrit Voice -
Sanskrit Resources - A resources page set up by Les Morgan
Subhashitani - Wise sayings in Sanskrit
Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies - JNU
Anusaarka संस्कृत-शब्द-विश्लेषकम् IIIT Hyderabad
Translations of Sanskrit Classics - Shri Desiraju Hanumanta Rao's site
Google Indic Transliteration
Indialogue - Dialogue between Greek & Western and Indian philosophies


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