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Class Test (Wed 24 Aug 2005)
The material examinable in the class test is detailed in my summary of class material notes. A short list of topics is: relationship between steady-state sinusoidal response and frequency response, transfer function to Bode plot and vice-versa, transfer function to Nyquist plots, frequency response or Bode plot to Nyquist plots, Nyquist stability criterion, gain margin and phase margin. But please understand that this is only a brief list and you should consult the full contents for thorough preparation.

The essay for Control Theory 1 last semester (Session 1 - 2005) was to address the following brief.
In class we have seen three different ways to represent or model linear dynamical systems. Write a two thousand word essay on the relative importance of each of these representations in the design of feedback control systems. Discuss using practical examples, with at least one example of open-loop unstable system, how the cycle from modelling to control design is completed. The target audience for your essay are science graduates who can easily understand the physics and mathematics needed for modelling but they are unfamiliar with how these mathematical tools are used for the design of feedback controllers.

This semester you have learnt how to test for closed-loop stability and design controllers with only the knowledge of G(jw). Why must we learn to design controllers with limited information as opposed to the full model information for the above essay? How can you modify the method or methods you identified in the above essay from modelling to controller design cycle when you know only G(jw)? What are the advantages and important steps in the controller design using G(jw)? Research in old archival journals or at or anywhere else you can and find at least one historical paper which covers the motivation for the use of G(jw) and a controller design example using G(jw) information. Describe the motivation and the controller design process in your own words. Write a two thousand word essay which includes all the points mentioned in this paragraph.

Please have a look at good tutorial on the use of frequency response methods for the design of compensators for op-amp by Kent H. Lundberg. I expect you to include a description of applications like this in your essay. Another general article by Bernstein on classical control will also help in preparing this essay.
Due Wed 19 Oct 2005, 10%.

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