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25th Warman Design & Build Competition - 2012

Weir Minerals and Engineers Australia

Project "SILVER": Strategically Innovate
for Lateral and Vertical Effected Replenishment

We won!


Full 2012 Rules:

Project SILVER (PDF 316KB) Latest Version 1.0
Rules Clarification 1 (PDF 94KB)


A strategically important Gondwanan observation facility in a hostile environment is to employ a series of tethered balloons. These balloons will require regular but autonomous resupply which needs to be performed accurately and quickly from a remote and protected staging position. Tenders are being called for systems to effect the replenishment using the balloon tether as the connecting pathway from the surface.

The Gondwanans have aptly described the project as "SILVER". For them it has a high value and a high priority for resolution.


The challenge is to design a prototype system to move the replenishment sphere (payload) from a store to the intended height datum on the balloon tether.

Fortunately, teams of engineering students from Earth are about to visit Gondwana as part of their work experience programmes. On 24 previous visits such engineering students have rendered invaluable assistance with solutions to similar engineering problems, and the Gondwanans again are hoping to benefit from the ideas of the innovative budding engineers. To celebrate the assistance from Earth, a special SILVER Anniversary event is planned to coincide with the conclusion of the tender process.


The objective is to design, build and prove a prototype system in a laboratory environment that serves to deliver autonomously a supply package to a balloon based observation facility, using the balloon tether to deliver the supply package?

In context, can you design the best system to Strategically Innovate for Laterally and Vertically Effected Replenishment?

Can you assist in Project SILVER?

National Organiser

Dr Warren Smith
Phone: 02 6268 8262

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